Hey, I am Sarah…

As an expert in bridal jewellery and hair accessories I will help you find the pieces that are just right for you and your big day as a bride!

I want to make sure everything turns out the way you imagined it and believe in regionally produced and hand-crafted products. That’s why everything from design ideas to the finished piece happens right here in my hands.

nur für private Nutzung.

You’re looking for…

… the perfect jewellery to match your dream dress?

  • You’ve found the dress of your dreams but are still in need of the accessories to go with it?
  • You’re unsure what will suit you or look best with your dress?
  • You’re looking for a personal consultation?

… a bespoke piece?

  • You have specific ideas of what your jewellery should look like?
  • You want something absolutely unique?
  • Would you like to design your jewellery on your own?
  • Your looking for a heirloom?

… matching accessories for your bridesmaids or maid of honour?

  • You would like your dearest friends and family members to have something to link the bridal party together visually?
  • You know exactly what you want or would you like to be inspired by me?

And this is where we come in…

You’ve already fallen in love with one of our designs or would like us to craft your individual custom piece? You’ve come to the right place!

Here at Perlenbräute, we love to consult our brides, come up with new and unique designs, and turn your ideas into beautiful master pieces.

During your personal consultation we will help you choose the perfect bridal jewellery, either from our existing collection or something that’s made specifically with your ideas in mind. Important factors in this decision will be the dress that you are wearing, the hair style that you have chosen, and what kind of accessories you feel comfortable in to reflect your personality.

You have special wishes or ideas? Maybe a certain colour, special elements like flowers, Swarovski crystals, pearls, or something to match an existing piece of jewellery? Let’s collaborate on designing the piece that is just right for you.

To go perfectly with the pieces you have chosen, we are happy to equip your bridal party with complimenting accessories and add the special touch you were looking for.

What else is there to know? We use only the highest quality products like pearls and crystals from Swarovski. You will be able to tell by the fine cut and sparkle! Our earrings are made from real 925 Silver or gold coated 925 Silver, as well as the necklaces that are made with 925 Silver or “gold filled”, which is a 14K solid gold coating.

High quality and clean finishes are absolutely detrimental for us!

Let’s hear what you have in mind…

This is me, Sarah Weisenstein, the heart of Perlenbräute…

From the idea to the finished piece of jewellery, everything is created in my hands.
For more than 10 years I have been creating jewellery from pearls. It all began with a jewellery course on holiday in Austria in 2003. At that time I caught the „pearl fever“ and I’ve had it ever since.

I thought about an apprenticeship as a goldsmith for a short time, but then I never realised it. I simply did not dare. Instead, I studied biology (B.Sc.) at the Technical University of Darmstadt, followed by an apprenticeship as an insurance specialist. 

But I always made jewellery on the side. I attended many workshops and visited some trade fairs. The subject never let me go. 

When my boyfriend proposed in the winter of 2018, I started researching the topic of bridal jewellery. It was clear to me from the beginning: „I’m making my own bridal jewellery”.  And suddenly the adventure began… 

My jewellery was very popular and I was asked more and more often if I could make something for someone. The idea of Perlenbräute was born. My family and a dear friend supported me in the process. 

I make every piece of jewellery myself by hand. I love to implement new ideas and to work on something until the piece is absolutely perfect. 

My friend Natalie always says: “It is fun to watch her magic, her pearl fever is contagious”.